The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

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Robert Sera

I have played this a lot solo and co-op with the wife (one of her favorite games).

I never really played games where you have to build and plan a deck out in advance of actually playing (e.g. Magic). I wasn't sure I would enjoy it or not - but its actually a lot of fun to do that. You can spend hours fussing and planning over how you want to build your decks. Great for obsessive types.

If you know you don't enjoy deck construction games like Magic the Gathering, then you're probably going to want to skip this one or rely on a friend or use pre-made deck lists others have made.

Key Points:

- adjustable difficulty level
- tons of replayability
- tons of different content available
- approx 1 hour play time per scenario
- expensive (to get enough cards to build decks)

Joshua McDonald
Alternate History LOTR Fun

Great game (Although pricey if you go in for a lot of the expansions) which has a surprisingly thematic merging of story and card mechanics. Perfect if you like to deck build or if you just want to see what would happen if Eowyn, Denthor, and Gimli teamed up to fight a troll.

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