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The Little Firefighters

In Stock

$17.95 CAD

Designer Inon Kohn
Publisher FoxMind
Players 1-6
Playtime 15 mins
Suggested Age 4 and up

Three firefighters battle the flames!

A fire has started and players must hurry to save the house before it's engulfed by the flames. In this co-operative game, you'll work together to help the firefighters reach the house before the fire does. If you succeed, the victory is shared and the fun is multiplied!

A delightful co-operative game that encourages fellowship and brotherhood!

Game play: Shuffle all the tiles on the table and place them face down. Place the 3 firefighters and the fire flame on their starting positions on their respective tracks. Each player, at their turn, chooses a tile, flips it and says what they see. The player then puts the tile aside and advances with the matching pawn (a firefighter or a flame) according to the number of objects on the tile.

For example: After the player says: “2 fire hydrants,” they advance firefighter number 2 two steps toward the house and put the tile aside in the discard pile. The game ends when either the fire reaches the house, and all the players lose together, or when the firefighters manage to put out the fire by pushing it backwards to its starting point and share together in the victory over the flames.

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