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The Grizzled

In Stock

$22.95 CAD

Cool Mini Or Not
Players 2-5
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up
The Grizzled: At Your Orders!
Accessories Meeple Realty - Grizzled Camp (Compatible with The Grizzled™ and The Grizzled: At Your Order!™)

Translation of the Introduction to the French rulebook:

"2nd August 1914 - In the main square of the village, a group of inseparable friends contemplate, incredulously, a General Mobilisation order, posted on the town hall. For several weeks, reading the news had become very worrying but the brutality of this announcement surprised everyone. Without having the slightest idea of the hell which they were about to be put in, they promised to stay together, to return whatever happened. Unfortunately, the reality that they were about to face would be completely beyond their worst fears.

Like literature and film, gaming is a cultural medium. Undeniably participative. There is no subject that can't be covered. Some are more difficult to cope with than others. Particularly the life of The Hairies (Les Poilus). Guided by the deepest respect we hold for the suffering endured by these men, we have worked hard to design and set this game with this in mind. In this collective madness, we have chosen to put them in front of their concerns, their daily fears.

The only way out for these men was their solidarity, their brotherhood, their ability to help themselves, to rescue one and all. Without ever addressing fighting, Les Poilus offers each player the chance to experience some of the difficulties experienced by the soldiers in the trenches. The atmosphere around the table will often not only be intense but emotional aswell. The path to victory will seem difficult but do not be discouraged. Press forward and experience the Great War!"

[Please note I might have made a few errors, using and editing translation software results]

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