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The Duke: Robert E. Howard Expansion

$9.95 CAD

$9.95 CAD

Designer Jeremy Holcomb
Stephen McLaughlin
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Players 2
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 13 and up
Expands The Duke

Note: This is not a standalone product and you'll need the base game The Duke to play.

This expansion to the The Duke core game, adds a little literary flair, while still maintaining the the major goal of the game, which is to capture the opponent's Duke tile. It introduces four characters taken from the Robert E. Howard literary universe.

1. Conan the Barbarian
2. Kull the Conqueror
3. Dark Agnes de Chastillon
4. Soloman Kane

This expansion does make some modifications to the starting tile set, as well as providing two possible playing options for the expansion set.

When using The Duke: Robert E. Howard Expansion you replace the following tiles in the core game:

Conan = Champion
Kull = Wizard
Agnes = Ranger
Solomon Kane = Priest

The rulebook for this expansion provides two ways to incorporate these tiles into the game.

1. Utilizing a draft selection process between both players.

2. Allowing players to choose whether to accept the expansion tile in place of the corresponding core game tile when it is drawn from the bag.

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