The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

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Sean Young
Dresden Files

Excellent game. Challenging and flavourful!

Jared Paton
Our favourite practicing wizard!

Pros: Great coop game, always a challenge
Characters have unique decks with unique abilities, all hung on an easy-to-understand framework
Each book from the series is a separate mission in the game, and events in the book are used as obstacles or challenges in the game
If you like the series, you'll like the theming of the game
Games only take 15-20 minutes
The system is smooth, mechanics easy to understand

Cons: Sometimes a mission is unwinnable, but you won't know that until the end
Having a bad hand draw can be a frustrating experience, since there's an excellent chance you will not be able to take any more cards after your initial hand

How does it play with 2: Fantastically! My wife and I will usually play 2-3 games of this is a row, since two player is so quick. We play two characters each, choosing one character to draw three cards from, and the other to draw 4 cards from. We love the Dresden Files, and we love this game.

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