The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game

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Nathan Beadle
Portable and Solid Game

This card game version of Castles of Burgundy distills the big game down into a wonderful card game that is easy to transport yet feels big while playing the game (big as in gameplay and big as in table space needed). It's got a lot of good depth, can be played solo or up to 4 players, and gives a good feel for Castles of Burgundy. For such a small price for a good game this is a no-brainer! I actually prefer playing this game compared to the board game!

Neil Nicholson


Daniel Gallagher
Rock Solid!

Thoroughly enjoyed the game from start to finish. The decision making engaged me and I never got the feeling of simply going through the motions like I do in a lot of euros. Compounding the various forms of bonus actions made for interesting puzzles and combos throughout the game. I really enjoyed the action chaining the games card abilities and other mechanisms allow for. It by no means replaces the board game but it is certainly a welcomed alternative that delivers on a similar set of game concepts. I find it to be a thoughtfully trimmed down version of its former self. The simplicity of it comes out nicely in the smooth flow of play and the much shorter time commitment. I'm very fond of this and look forward to playing more of it.

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