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Tentacle Bento: Takiashi University - Cephology Club

In Stock

$15.95 CAD

Soda Pop Miniatures
Players 2-6
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 16 and up
Expands Tentacle Bento

Welcome young one to Takoashi University.

Within these glorious halls you will be provided with the highest education in all of Japan, but Takoashi University does not just educate your mind. The world is a dangerous place of aliens, spirits, and foul demons. Here you will also be taught to become a mighty warrior and defender of the land.

The Takoashi Special Edition miniature collection brings the students of Takoashi University to life. Perfect for painting and collecting, each miniature also features unique game cards for use in Tentacle Bento.


1 Miniature (White Metal)

- Cephology Club

1 Game Card

1 Rules Card

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