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Tell Tale

In Stock

$18.99 CAD

Fabien Bleuze, Yves Hirschfeld
Blue Orange Games
Players 3-12
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Using cards with a variety of images ranging from the charming to the ordinary, encompassing a range of situations, players improvise stories. Take a journey into storyland... Whether engaged in a friendly contest or creating a story together, you will love the way Tell Tale gives your imagination a chance to shine. 7 great family games and thousands of short stories to tell are included in this tin.

4 different game rules:
• Questions/Answers: each player get 8 cards and alternately asks the other a question freely based on a random picture card, and answer the other player's question using another card
• Debate: Draw a random card to get a topic to debate; both players use 5 random cards to imagine convincing (?) points to support their side.
• Tell me a Story: Both players alternately imagine a very short story (1 sentence per card) using 5 random cards each.
• Same and Again: Same than the previous rule, except both players use the same set of 5 cards (shuffled between each player's story)

For all this rules, winner of the round is designated by the other players.

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