SWAN Sleeves - Card Sleeves (65 x 90 mm) - 160 Pack, Thin Sleeves

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Doug Mann
Not as Good as I Thought

I recently bought two packs each of Swan 64x89 and 65x90mm sleeves. I used to swear by Mayday Premiums (90 microns), but starting 3-4 years ago, they started to have problems with scoring (having small lines) on their surface and inconsistent heights. To make things worse, they trimmed about 1mm from the width of their standards sleeves, meaning that they bulged when the cards were inserted, causing any pile over 40-50 cards to fall over. Ultra Pro sleeves had the problem of the holograms, but were generally consistent and flat, though they too decreased the width of their sleeves (at least in the last batch I bought), so fell off my list. Fantasy Flights were excellent, though they stopped making sleeves.

So other than Gamegenics, which I’ve never bought, the only medium-priced sleeves left that are easily found in Canada are Swan Panasias and Sleeve Kings. I bought a bunch of both in November 2022. The Sleeve Kings (Euros and USA sizes) were fine - a bit warped, but clear (fine for 60 microns). But the Swans (90 microns, similar to Maydays) were warped and bulgy, had a noticeably foamy smear on many of them, and had mild scoring across them. These were noticeable after sleeving. Also, the 65x90 are a too big for standard cards (I tried Ashes cards), while the 64x89 are tight fit with little overhang (usable, but not as good as 5-year-old Maydays or Ultra Pros). So I’m disappointed, especially since stores rarely have the poker-sized Sleeve Kings in stock.

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