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Super Showdown

$11.95 CAD

$11.95 CAD

Designer Trevor Cram
Publisher Touch Paper Press
Players 2
Playtime 10 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

"Use superpowers to recreate the back-and-forth struggle between Hero and Villain! Pitting Brawn, Speed, and Wits against one another as you chase mayhem around the city-grid."

This is a small box 'filler' game.

The game starts by randomly dividing the 18 cards, of which there are 9 green villain cards and 9 white hero cards. Whichever color you get a majority of will determine which Super you are. (You play cards of both colors, and you always know exactly which cards your nemesis has remaining in hand)

The Board is a 6x6 grid and each round the dice are used to find a space on it where 'Mayhem' happens. Players move and play a card face down after the first die roll (before the exact location of Mayhem is known), and then move again after the second die roll.

Players can end in 3 configurations- Sharing a space, one player at the mayhem, or neither player at the mayhem. Each configuration results in 1 of 3 showdowns (Brawn, Speed, and Wits, respectively) where cards resolve differently.
-Sometimes the high card wins, sometimes a Decoy wins, and sometimes cards of the same color are lost.

Victorious cards are set by one side of the board, and defeated cards are set by another. Win when there are 5 victory cards of your color, or 5 defeated cards of your nemesis' color.

The object of the game is to anticipate what your opponent will do, and to trick him into thinking he knows what you're up to.

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