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Steam: Map Expansion #1

$23.95 CAD

$23.95 CAD

Designer Morgan Dontanville
Publisher Mayfair Games
Players 2-7
Playtime 120 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

Note: This is not a standalone product and you'll need the base game Steam to play.

Steam: Map Expansion #1
 provides three maps in the same pack. One side of the game board features a map of the Mid-Atlantic United States suitable for 3-7 players and subtitled "Railroad Empires in the Civil War Era". The other side of the game board has two maps: Belgium & Luxembourg ("Build an Importing Empire" for two players) and the Brussels Metro ("Develop Intercity Transit" for three players).

Steam: Map Expansion #1 also includes an extra tile sheet for Steam.

Revised rulebook here: http://mayfairgames.com/gamesupport/variants/MFG45611-rules%20revised.pdf

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