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Looking for a game that kids and parents will love to play together? Use your brain and a steady hand to play Staccabees, an exciting, easy to learn family game that kids AND parents will want to play again and again!

How to Play: Staccabees is for 2 to 6 players ages 6 and up. A game takes about 20 minutes. Players take turns spinning the top and, based on the results, place cubes on the "stac". Be the first to balance all your cubes on the "stac" and you win!

Staccabees is based on a traditional holiday game. Teetotum was an ancient game played in the Middle Ages and adopted by many cultures around the world. Modern examples of this game include Put and Take, historically played at Christmas time in England, Dreidel, traditionally played during Hanukkah, La Pirinola, traditionally played after the "Day of the Dead" festival in Mexico, and Parta Ola, traditionally played at Christmas and New Years in Greece. Staccabees is inspired by this classic holiday game.

Game includes includes:
- 54 Hardwood Game Pieces
- 1 Engraved Wood Spinning Top
- Illustrated Rules
- Classic 100% cotton heavy duty canvas game bag with embroidered logo

Staccabees is great for practicing:
- Fine Motor Skills
- Halving
- Even/Odd
- Rounding Numbers

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