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Francis Pacherie
Players 2-6
Playtime 15 mins
Suggested Age 7 and up

Adapted from the publisher:

Ready for blast-off...? Each of the rockets in turn take off for far-off galaxies. But the uninhabited galaxies disappear one after another: put your opponents out of action by preventing them from moving or you might get swallowed up yourself by a black hole... the last rocket to survive the chaos of the BIG-BANG is the winner!

The object of the game is to put the opponent’s rocket out of action by preventing LIFT OFF. Per turn, the players must move their rocket to an adjacent "galaxy," AND they must remove one galaxy from the game. As the galaxies dwindle in number and disappear from the board, one rocket will eventually get stranded and not be able to take off.
Careful thought and planning will launch the winner!

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