SpaceCorp: 2025-2300AD (Second Printing)

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Elijah Bak
The Simplest Game to Teach

I got this last year and was able to learn it in one solo session and then teach it to my group in a matter of a single session. They were competitive in the span of a few turns. I found that I didn't need to refer to the rules more than a couple of times. Elegant design in its simplicity. Highly recommended.

Terry Ross
Good 3x game

No eXtermination. Solo play is fairly low maintenance and intuitive, compared to other solo Automatons. 3 games with increasing difficulty keeps it interesting. Rule book takes some getting used to, and there aren't a bunch of online playthroughs. The online video content for this game also frequently has rules mistakes. If you can get through that, it's worth it.

Ron Rhyno

Fun race game. Pretty good solo and has a nice production.

Simon Gauvin
Not the solo game I was looking for

The game overall is a very good game. But, I bought this to play primarily solitaire because of the designer's pedigree. This is very praised among the solo gamer community, but I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed by this game. I like it and think it is a very clever design. But the AI is just not hard enough. I never lost any game and the last time I have played I had nearly double the score of the AI. I still have to try it multiplayer, but it will be a hard sell for my gaming group since it's a 3 to 5 hour game (depending on the players around the table). I still recommend the game though, as it's a very clever design and it's easy to pick up and play.

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