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Soccer City: The Beautiful Game

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$89.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Lisandro Nembrini, Gonzalo Rodrigo
Players 2
Playtime 90-180 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up
Legends of Soccer City

Soccer City is a football turn-based board game that reproduces every possible action in a real football match.

The game is played in turns by running events, represented in different cards that are played during the game. Dribbling, fouls, shots on goal, tactics...Soccer City is a complete football simulator inspired in the early twentieth century, with a retro look and a stunning design by illustrator Jorge Consuegra.

The full game comes with:

- The Board, 40 width x 68 length (centimeter).
- The Teams, (2 teams, 11 players each).
- The Referee Dice (1)
- The Tactical Pads (2)
- The Score
- 6 Card Decks, Total 165 cards:

Offensive Action Cards (25)
Defensive Action cards (25)
Shot-on-Goal cards (25)
Goalkeeper Save cards (25)
Ball playing cards (48)
External Factors (17)

The game is played in turns, in which attacker plays first and then turn shifts to defender. Each player has a set of cards consisting in Ball cards, Offensive cards and Defensive cards and Shot on goal cards.

Attacking turn consists of 4 sequential phases, and players may decide whether to play them or pass to the next:

1 – Ball Passing / Player advancing
2 - Attacking / Tactical Action
3 - Shot on goal
4 - Team repositioning

Once Attacking turn is over, Defensive turn begins, which in 2 phases:
1 - Defensive / Tactical Action
2 - Team repositioning

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