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Sketch It

$15.95 CAD

$15.95 CAD

Artists, doodlers, and armchair critics alike will love Sketch It. With paper and pencil ready, draw a card and roll the die. Ready, set, sketch it!

Each card lists six items. The number rolled tells you what you will sketch. Each person will sketch a different item, and do so all at the same time. Draw fast so you can grab the higher-valued tokens – but don't draw too fast or you'll stump your opponent. In Sketch it, you score points two ways: when the player who received your drawing guesses what you've drawn, and when you can figure out the masterpiece you received.

After ten rounds, the one with the most points wins! You're either the best artist, the best decipherer, a little of both, or maybe just the luckiest. No matter how it ends, players will sketch, laugh, and try to outsmart each other down to the nub.X

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