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Siberia: The Card Game

$21.95 CAD

$21.95 CAD

Designer Reiner Stockhausen
Publisher dlp games
Players 2-4
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 9 and up
Expands Siberia

Note: This is a standalone game, while also an expansion to Siberia.

After the release of Siberia from Reiner Stockhausen and dlp games in 2011, the search for resources – gas, charcoal, petroleum, diamonds and gold – in the wilderness of Siberia continues in Siberia: The Card Game with players using investors, salesmen, and workers to extract the most profitable resources.

Eight resource cards start on the table, with the three leftmost face-up, and resources of the same type must be extracted from left to right. Each player starts with one worker cards on the table and five action cards in hand; an action card shows a combination of one of the five resources and one of the three workers. On a turn, the player first reveals one of the face-down resource cards, then chooses one of the following:

  • Passes on playing cards and draws two action cards. (A player can hold at most eight cards.)
  • Plays two action cards that bear the same symbol, takes the appropriate action (claim a character or extract resources), then draws one action card. (Any two action cards can be used as a joker, but you need at least one symbol of the appropriate type to take an action.)

What do the characters do? Each investor has a different resource symbol, and when you extract that resource in the future, you need to play only one card instead of two. The salesman either boosts the value of a particular resource or the value of a character type at the end of the game. The worker allows you extract more resources.

When you extract resources, you take one card from the resource row (starting at the left) for each worker you have in front of you, then replace those cards with face-down cards from the resource deck. When the last resource card is revealed, each player takes on final turn, then they tally their scores, scoring $1,000 for each character and the printed value for each resource card (unless a salesman modifies those values). The player with the highest total wins!

The five salesman cards in Siberia: The Card Game can be used as an expansion for Siberia, and rules for this expansion are included.

Expands (while also being a standalone game)

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