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Christie Cryderman
Kids are obsessed

My kids (5,9,13) are all very excited about this game. Husband and I find it OK, but willing to play as it’s not annoying like many of the kids games and it’s worth it to see them having so much fun! It’s hard to find a game that a little kid AND a teenager both like. For us, that’s Sheriff of Nottingham.

Chris Bowskill
Liar, liar.

A bluffing game for those who love to lie and are good at it. You have to legitimately take the game seriously and try to win with your best poker face. If you get silly or dont play competitively it falls apart. You need serious players and this game is great. If everyone says to really screw everyone else over you'll love it.

Tyson Wozniak
Good game for the right group.

I liked this game with the right group. If you are playing with people who are silly playing the mechanics, it can be a little dull. If your group can really get into the theme and even do a little roll play, this game sings. But it is not going to be a hit for everyone.

Showan Alwan
Sheriff of Nottingham video review

Sheriff of Nottingham is a bluffing, negotiation-type card game. Each round, players try to work their way past the Sheriff in order to get their goods into the market (legal or contraband). The Sheriff will question each player and determine whether to let them pass or not. If youre telling the truth you have nothing to fear, but if you get caught lying the punishment could be severe! Below is a link to a more in-depth review. Please give a like and subscribe to our channel :)

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