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Philippe Lefrancois
Players 2
Playtime 15 mins
Suggested Age 7 and up

The Monkey is ambitious, malicious and likes to play games. He wants to challenge the Wiseman to gain the keys of the temple. The Wiseman, trusting in his skills and wanting some peace, proposes a challenge to the monkey to take place in the sacred court. The first to reach the opposite side is the winner and will become the master of the temple — the senseï.

The rules of Senseï are simple, yet the depth of the game is infinite. On your turn, you can move two stones and send your character across the game board. Your goal is to block your opponent and at the same time to find a path to victory. There are two ways of playing: the Arashi variant is played without limits of movements and the Shizukana is played with a more Zen-like challenge.

Senseï is a new edition of Diaballik, and you can use either the original rules for that game or the new rules that allow players to move pieces as many squares as they want, which changes gameplay greatly.

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