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Designer Stephan Riedel
Publisher Clicker Spiele
Players 1-4
Playtime 45 mins
Suggested Age 9 and up

Schinderhannes is a deduction game based on the mechanics of Old Town.

The Story is about the (in)famous robber Johannes Bückler, widely known as "Schinderhannes". He robbed, stole and murdered in Germany in the 18th/19th century for (only!) about 5 years, before he was beheaded in Mainz in 1803.He was one of the most famous executees (at that court) and his execution was watched by thousands. Nevertheless, not much about the man is known.

In the game the players have to find out, where Schinderhannes' crimes took place .They play cards ("rumours" or "police files") with information like "In the Autumn of 1798, Schinderhannes and Peter Petrie tried to steal a donkey in one of these places: Antes Mühle, Bärenbach, Hundsbach, Meddersheim" or "The Livestock theft took place in the South" or "The Donkey Theft was in the neighbouring district, next to the Arrest". For each clue marker a player removes due to this, he receives one point. If all crimes are defined (only one place left for each crime), the game ends and the player who has gathered the most points wins.

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