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uDesigner Thierry Chapeau
Publisher Gigamic
Players 2-5
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Box text: Throughout the ages the mysterious power of the Runes have held man in awe. With RÖK you can learn how to harness this power and defeat your rivals! The secret is in throwing the Runes, concentrate before you release them to experience the pleasure of handling these superb stones..…then be sure to keep a keen eye and move at lightening speed to emerge the winner!

RÖK is a game played in a mythical atmosphere - with bouts of mayhem.

Contents : 49 runes: 1 Rune of Destiny (with a dot), and 48 runes in three colours, each engraved with a runic symbol (there are 8 pairs of runes per colour) ; 1 bag; Rules of the game.

Description: Basically all players drop heavy stones with carved runes on the table - then everyone tries to find matching pairs and pick them up as fast as possible - before the others do it. And do not let others pick your very own "home rune" first - the punishment will be really terrible!

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