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Road To Infamy

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$49.95 CAD

Jeff Chin, Andrew Nerger
Players 2-4
Playtime 30-45 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

Road to Infamy, is a fast-paced bidding, gangster-themed game for 2-4 players. Road to Infamy is all about anticipating what moves your opponents will make, taking risks, and playing counter moves. It’s simple enough to learn in 3 minutes, yet deep enough where you are discovering new strategies every time you play it. But best of all, it’s always your turn.

Players start with a hand of 6 bids. Bids are valued 1 - 5 with the lower valued cards containing some game changing actions. Players chose a bid and place it face down in the ready position. When everyone is ready the bids are simultaneously revealed. The bids’ colors signify what you are bidding on. Red bids recruit gangsters with unique abilities, green bids buy various types of Contraband (worth victory points), and blue bids bribe the Cop, which protects your points and forces the competition to lose theirs. After 3 rounds the highest bidder for a given color wins the corresponding prize. Players take their winnings and reset the board for the next hand.

Player interaction comes from the actions on the lower numbered bid cards. Actions allow you to steal your rivals contraband, assassinate their mercenaries, and put the odds in your favor.

Each gangster has their own unique ability that is active throughout the entire game. Depending on which gangsters you recruit, different strategies will become available. For example, the Mob Boss gives you an additional Victory Point for each Gangster on your team, this card pairs well with the Recruiter who gives you a permanent +2 to your red bid total. This combination helps you outbid your opponents for new gangsters and earn you victory points when you do so.

The game ends after 12 rounds of bidding. The player with the most victory points wins.

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