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RISK: StarCraft Collector's Edition

$45.95 CAD

$45.95 CAD


The Koprulu Sector is being ravaged by war. You must stand against your enemies as one of the three powerful races. Will you choose the advanced and mysterious Protoss, the rugged and tenacious Terran, or lead the ravenous Zerg swarm? No matter which race you choose, you will fight for your very survival. The war for galactic supremacy begins NOW!

In this version of Risk, players are controlling the three factions from the StarCraft video game, in a battle to control the sector. The players recruit and mobilize their units in order to gain control of the various areas on the board. Battle is resolved using dice as in regular Risk, but also with special power cards which are given to players who control certain areas on the board. As in traditional Risk, players move troops and attack into territories on the board, and face off with opponents in dice battles where higher rolls eliminate opposing forces, with tied rolls favoring the defending troops.

Includes 4 ways to play:

  • Basic Training (3-6 players) : the players start on a pre-set map and strive to collect three achievements (controlling certain areas, conquering 10 territories in one turn, etc').
  • Command Room (3-6 players) : similar to Basic Training, but the players get to set up the map (e.g. placing mineral fields which make certain territories be worth more than others) and place their starting units by themselves.
  • Total Domination (2-6 players) : Closest to the original Risk. The players play until one player controls the entire map.
  • Team Play (4 or 6 players) : Variant of "Command Room" for playing 2v2 or 3v3.

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