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Emad Aziz
MUST BUY - Simple, Easy Rules, Tremendous depth

Great filler game, the cards have colors and text written to assist color blind player. With so many different types ways to win, the possibilities are endless. If you're looking for a game that sets up and plays quickly then this game is for you. Best enjoyed with 3 or more players.

Joseph Nicholas
Fantastic little card game

The game play itself is really simplejust be sure to be winning the game at the end of your turn. The actions you are able to take include play a card from your hand face up in your palette, discard a card from your hand to the Canvas to change the current rule, or play a card from your hand to your Palette and then discard a card to the Canvas. A pretty clever component of the game was the naming of the Canvas and Palettethe layers of color added to the center Canvas and your Palette are what will lead you to victory. The artwork on the card itself is representative of a splatter of color or a blob of paintonce again, cleverly done and to the point.We have a full review here:

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