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Raid on Taihoku

$79.95 CAD

$79.95 CAD

Designer Teng Chieh-Ming
Publisher Mizo
Players 2-4
Suggested Age 10

This board game is dedicated to the people of Taiwan and those who care about Taiwan.

In the closing stages of World War II, when Taiwan was still a Japanese colony, more than one hundred U.S. B-24 bombers launched an air raid on Taihoku (Taipei). Political and military facilities were the main targets, but civilians were also affected. Many homes were destroyed, and a large number of people were killed or wounded.

Raid on Taihoku takes you back to Taiwan in 1945. In the midst of war, you must cooperate to survive. You will be fettered and will face difficult choices.We must persevere until the war is over. Win together or lose together!


第二次大戦中,日本統治下の台湾,百機を超える爆撃機が台北を襲った,同盟軍は政治、軍事建築を目標としたが,被害は民間施設にも及び,周辺家屋が損壊し 多くの死者が出た。
この悪夢の中で,君たち家族はどう戦う?頼れるのは自分か それとも天か?誰一人欠けず 家族全員生き残れ!『Raid on Taihoku』が1945年の台湾へと君を誘う,戦争中は 力を合わせなければ難関を突破できない,足かせのある君は 究極の選択を迫られることになる,戦争が終わるまで 僕らは生きる,勝つ時も一緒 負ける時も一緒だ!

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