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Shane Grant
Great Game

It plays very well and simple but has some great depth to it.

Artem Kostonyan
Really great impression

Really great impression from a couple of games with the basic rules. This has a classic, elegant feel, clean rules and graphic design, nice relaxing theme and just the right amount of player interaction. Our 2-player games lasted between 25 and 30 min which is perfect. Would love to keep exploring this and to try the expert mode.

Nikki Yorgiadis
Amazing city-building game

This tile-laying game is so unique with how you choose your tiles and where to place them! So many different set-collection options as well and many different strategies to try and implement! I'd say that the 'expert' mode definitely is better for gamers but even as a gamer, I enjoy the 'classic' mode a lot as well!

Randy Anderson
Wonderful city building game

This is one of our most played games. My wife and I prefer this to Suburbia. The game length is very good for my wife and the expert mode makes laying out your city a more interesting puzzle. As stated in the other review, it is very easy to teach to new comers.

Lily Kusuma
Great city building

One of my favorite games that I am keeping in my collection, each turn you place one of your architects to get a city tile and place it on your board, but where you place it matters for your end game scoring. The insert in this game is amazing, one of the best. Components are great too. Easy to teach newbies, fun to play, need strategy to win.

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