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Solomon Somers
A really great game

This is probably the best action drafting game I have played. It's relatively cheap to buy, fairly simple to teach, and cutthroat. Really fun to play even when you are losing because of how the actions work. It doesn't have a lot of downtime, and that is a HUGE plus when you want to teach it to new players

Kyle harder
First played this 8 years ago and I still daydream about indigo

Not as short as I remember but its a classic. Art looks like grandmas couch, but the gameplay is exciting and strategic. Those role tokens or whatever is such a good mechanic good Twilight Imperium stole it for their strategy cards.

Travis Johnston
Standing the Test of Time

This game continues to be one of our favorite cut throat eurogames. We love the variety of paths to victory and the player interaction through the well thought out mechanisms. It is best played with 5, but 3 and 4 are still enjoyable. It is unfortunate that this game is not conducive for 2. Fortunately, there is San Juan, if you more frequently enjoy date nights that involve getting mad at your spouse because he/she took the action that you needed to win the game.

Adam Stewart
Little complex

Seems to be a fair amount of rules to understand but a very good game in the end.

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