Project L (Standard Edition)

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Aaron Eckler
Fun and highly accessible game

Our whole family loves this game. We play some far more complicated games (e.g. Spirit Island, Through the Ages, etc.), but Project L is something that plays incredibly quickly (practically zero set up or clean up) and a game can be 20-30 minutes, and is still a lot of fun and satisfying. Components are nice and for the price, the game feels more premium than I was expecting. It’s also easy to handicap (by letting a younger or less experienced player start with an extra piece) so games between myself, my wife, and our 12 and 7 year olds can be competitive for everyone. Had been on my list for a while and I’m very happy I decided to purchase this tactile engine builder.

Melanie S
Superb Tetris game

Superb polyomino game that's easy to explain and get to the table. Feels like a fresh puzzle to solve each time based on the actual puzzle pieces that come out during the game.

Duncan Evans

Project L (Standard Edition)

Joe Haimowitz
A quick puzzly engine builder

Project L is a quick, delightful, puzzly little engine building game. In this game you are completing small puzzles using well-crafted plastic polyomino pieces. Completing puzzles often gives you victory points and contributes to your engine by rewarding you with additional polyomino pieces. When you start the game you have only two pieces (a 1x1 square and a 2x1 rectangle). By the end of the game you have 10 or more pieces of all sizes and shapes. The real magic of the game is in the (once per turn) master builder action which allows you to add one piece to as many incomplete puzzles as you'd like. All of a sudden, you might complete multiple puzzles in one action or receive as a reward the piece you need to complete another puzzle on your next action. The master builder action gives you plenty of opportunities to feel clever. I recently taught this game to a bunch of groups of people at a Con where I was helping in the library and every group was delighted with it. I highly recommend Project L for play in a variety of situations.

Lori Durbin
Project L - Awesome abstract strategy game!

Just love this little game. So quick and easy to learn and play.

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