Porto (Import)

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Shawn Clouthier
Hard to Find, but Well Worth that Effort

Kind of a mixing of TTR style card drafting with Copenhagen facade building to race to achieve various public and private objectives. On your turn choose 1 to 3 cards in five colored suites valued 1 to 3 or build 1 to 3 levels of a colored building of your choosing by playing previously drafted cards. Clever play will net you ground floor or rooftop bonuses, building bonuses, public goal bonuses and adjacency VPs and sometimes all four! So satisfying when you pull that off. The artwork is quirky and beautiful representing various stallwarts of Portuguese culture like Port wine, Mermaids and Dragons?? We unboxed today and already have three plays in, it's fast, fun and addictive. If you live in North America and want a copy Boardgame Bliss is about your only option currently. This one definitely deserves wider circulation and more appreciation. Very well done and entertaining!

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