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Platinum Series Baseball

$26.95 CAD

$26.95 CAD

Platinum Series Baseball
Players 1-2
Playtime 45-90 mins

Platinum Series Baseball, or PSB, is a fast-paced, tabletop dice-and-card baseball strategy game that puts YOU in control of a fantasy style Big League franchise. PSB is an official licensee of the Major League Baseball Players Association.

As the manager of a big league franchise, you are in charge of building a team of all-stars.

Two managers compete in a realistic head-to-head baseball simulation, where the dice determine the outcome of each play. Managers need to use real baseball strategy to gain the advantage and earn the win. Each game box will provide enough player cards to field 2 full teams. You can build the ultimate team by acquiring more player card packs.

Real player stats drive the outcome of each play, combined with the luck of a dice roll and clever strategies employed by each manager. Strike out or hit a home run to clear the bases! As you become a better manager, unlock more gameplay features online to become the ultimate manager. Access stadiums, weather, and more complex calls that only an expert manager can make!

The stadium is filled and the fans are cheering for you to take the field as the manager of your own big league franchise. Play ball!

1) Build your team
2) Roll to play offense and defense
3) Use real baseball strategy to win

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