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Pint Craft

$30.95 CAD

$30.95 CAD

Designer Nick Helmholdt
Publisher The Game Crafter, LLC
Players 2-6
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

In Pint Craft, you take on the role of a micro brewer as you create beers to please crowds and connoisseurs. The game incorporates elements of resource management and seasonality to generate variety. The wide variety of beer styles ensures that no two games are the same.

Recipe Cards show the combination of Ingredients needed to produce it and the resulting number of Pints awarded. Recipe cards are always played face up. Brewery cards allow you to purchase Ingredients needed for Recipes. Action Cards affect the fortunes of other brewers in the game.

Ingredients include Base Malts, Specialty Malts, and Hops as the standard Ingredients that make up most beer Recipes. There is an element of chance required to obtain Special Ingredients such as bacteria, spices, rice, and oats. Each round the season advances. Brewers with seasonal beers on tap get additional Ingredients to make new Recipes.

Brewers earn Pints from recipes (between one and five pints) and some brewery cards. The number of Pints needed to win the game depends on the number of brewers.

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