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Penny Arcade: Paint The Line ECG – Red Tide

$30.00 CAD

$30.00 CAD

Publisher Penny Arcade
Players 2
Playtime 35 mins
Suggested Age 13 and up

“In 1976, as the specter of nuclear war loomed worldwide, the UN Security Council introduced Resolution 501. Known as the Table-Tennis Accords, it decreed that all conflict between nations be resolved through the dialect of Ping-Pong. When Chinese terrorists struck down the US Table Tennis Team in 1979, a rag-tag band of students was forced to play in their stead. Lead by rivals Johnathan Gabriel and Tycho Brahe, they were victorious – but not unharmed. Now, in 1984, the Russian Bear has begun to stir. In times like these, America needs men whose grip is sure. Men who play the entire table.”

Penny Arcade: Paint The Line ECG: Red Tide, an expandable card game, features fast and furious tabletop tennis battles. Each set comes with everything you need to play and you can use up to four sets to customize your deck and use your awesome ping-pong skills to battle for your country!

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