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Peloponnes (Fourth Edition)

$59.95 CAD

$59.95 CAD

Designer Bernd Eisenstein
Publisher Irongames
Players 1-5
Playtime 45 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

Peloponnes Expansion
Peloponnes: Goat Expansion
Peloponnes: Sacrum Expansion
Peloponnes Box
Peloponnes: Heroes and Colonies

Reimplemented By Peloponnes Card Game

Note: This is the latest 4th Edition

Players take control of the civilizations of ancient Greece. Through auctions in each of the 8 rounds, the players develop their civilizations, adding territory through Land Tiles and prestigious buildings through the Building Tiles. These increase the civilizations' inhabitants, luxury, wealth and power. Luxury goods allow flexibility in providing for a player's population, while some tiles also offer protection against the many disasters that happen during the game. Only through a balance of inhabitants, land and buildings can a player claim victory and join the heroes of Peloponnesian history.

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