Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 (Black)

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Etienne Lessard
Great legacy game

Great legacy game

chris saman
an interesting experience

a very good game/experience. not sure if it's worth the price being a 'legacy' game.

Jared Paton
An improvement to an improvement of an already fantastic game

Pros: Uses and builds on an established game system
Tweaks the original Pandemic Legacy to a very interesting degree, remaining accessible to new people but changing the game enough for experienced players to keep it fresh
The legacy systems tells a fantastic story
The production value is excellent

Cons: You're not left with a playable game at the end, though for some (me) that isn't a big deal, since I'm in it for the experience
If you don't enjoy Pandemic to begin with, this game isn't going to change your mind
Some have complained that the pick up and deliver nature of Season 2 is too different from the original Pandemic to all it Pandemic at all
Story seemed to be more on rails then the first season

How does it play with 2?: We played the entire campaign with 2, and loved every minute. We each played 2 characters to make sure we got the most from the game, and had no problems keeping the hands separate. While we'd consider playing Season 1 again, I don't think Season 2 is as replayable. The end had a more final feel, and the story in general was a lot more on rails than Season 1. all in all though, an excellent game, worth it if you're even a small fan of Pandemic

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