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The Red Joker  |  SKU: GMG014

Okko Chronicles: The Cycle of Water - The Palace of Puppets

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Designer Frédérick Condette
Publisher The Red Joker
Players 2-5
Playing Time 120 mins
Suggested Age 14 and up
Expansion For Okko Chronicles: Cycle of Water – Quest into Darkness

For many years the Mayamoto and Bashimon Clans have waged war on one another. Now, far behind the lines of embattled troops, Okko and his companions find themselves in possession of documents that could irrevocably change the course of the conflict.

But beware, the constant unrest serves to mask the schemes of the Oni of the Jigoku, who will stop at nothing to preserve the bloddy status quo.

This expansion offers:
  • 2 new heroes, including Isako and Legendary Kubban
  • The rules to control a Bunraku
  • An epic campaign that follows Okko and his companions as they try to unravel the machinations of the Clan Ataku.

—description from the publisher