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The Red Joker  |  SKU: GMG013

Okko Chronicles: The Cycle of Water - Dens of the Pennagolan

$67.95 CAD
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Designer Frédérick Condette
Publisher The Red Joker
Players 2-5
Playing Time 120 mins
Suggested Age 13 and up
Expansion For Okko Chronicles: Cycle of Water – Quest into Darkness

This expansion will transport our heroes to a new location, darker and more dangerous than any they have entered before.

A new breed of danger awaits Okko and his companions in the damp basements of the building: the Pennagolan oni and its hordes of ogrish Gaki.

This expansion contains:

- 1 new Oni: the terrifying Pennagolan!

This character comes complete with a Character card, miniature and Clue card to add to the existing Clue deck. The Pennagolan can be used to replace one of the oni from the Core game or to further complicate the Heroes' investigations by adding yet another possibility.

- 5 Gaki Ogres.

These dreaded undead minions are often found in the service of Pennagolan, and are made all the terrible due to the ease with which they can be resurrected!

These miniatures are accompanied by their Character card.
- New Mortal Thrall Character cards.

The palace where this new investigation takes place is guarded by Ashigaru and Samurai who possess their own characteristics and powers.

It appears that not only does Hiroji serve many masters, but that he has also made his own deal with the dark forces of this palace.

- Equipment cards: Ancient weapons.

10 New Equipment cards representing rare and extraordinary items often reserved for use by the noble samurai are also contained in this expansion.

- 5 Event cards and 5 Clue cards.

Adding even more variety to the twists of the Oni player’s schemes, these cards will add more than a few nasty surprises for Okko and his companions as they relentlessly chase evil through the palace!

- 3 Double-sided tiles.

These tiles will combine to construct the lair of the Pennagolan, including the basements and caves under the palace.

One of these new tiles also add new Missions for our Heroes, or their adversaries to conquer.

- 1 Scenario Book.

Finally, this expansion also includes a 5 scenario campaign that will lead our heroes into the very heart of the gruesome and desolate Den of the Pennagolan.