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Oh My God! Theres An Axe In My Head!

In Stock

$50.00 CAD

Designer Chris Adams
David Fooden
Publisher Game Company No. 3
Players 2-6
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 16 and up

Geneva, 1920
 : The League of Nations convenes for the first time. Proud to be the host for this august world body, Switzerland invites its champion axe-juggling troupe, Les Bella Lieben Jolie De Von Giorno, to entertain the assembled delegates. Unfortunately, halfway through the demonstration, the Troupe goes insane and begins hurling axes into the audience, splitting head after head. The Secretary General calls for calm, but before he can order a recess, his cranium is split as well.

The remaining Great Powers use the confusion to pass the gavel between themselves, conduct international business amidst the chaos, and generally try to shift the balance of world power while escaping a bunch of armed psychopaths.

Designer notes:
The game is finally available! Much thanks to our Kickstarter backers, especially for their patience while I worked out production issues with our manufacturer.
Copies are available directly at OMGTAAIMH's page on Game Salute and at your FLGS.

I discovered some errors in the Action Card deck in about 2.5% (or 1 in 40) copies in the first printing produced at 360º Manufacturing. The games are currently (as of 1/9/14) being shipped back to the manufacturer to be corrected. If you got one of the early-released games and are missing any cards, contact me at gamecompany3@gmail and I will mail you replacements.

These are the cards that should be in the 60-card Action Card deck:

1 Anarchist Bomber
1 Armistice
1 Backroom Politcking
1 Blackmail
1 Bribery
2 Communist Insurrection
1 Contingency Plan
1 Diplomatic Immunity
1 Discord!
6 Duck!
2 Economic Sanctions
3 Effusive Charm
4 Espionage
1 Flower of Manhood
1 For King and Country
2 Helmet
1 Independence Movements
1 It's Only A Flesh Wound
1 Posthumous Commendation
1 Preeminence
1 Pretend to Be Swiss
1 Procedural Loophole
3 Protectorate
3 Rattle Saber
1 Reintroduce A Resolution
1 Rules of Order: Technicality
1 Self-Determination
1 Spymaster
1 Vengeance is Mine!
1 War Profiteer
2 Windfall
1 Fear The Clowns (A)
1 Fear The Clowns (B)
1 Pile Up at the Exit
1 The Gout
1 Favors Owed

1 Gavel

6 Phase Order Reference CardsX

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