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Ogre Castle

In Stock

$25.00 CAD

W. David MacKenzie
Clever Mojo Games
Players 3-4
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

A game of greedy invading Knights and an Ogre protecting its turf and treasure. In Ogre Castle, three players become knights invading a castle in search of treasure, while a fourth player becomes the Ogre, owner of the castle and the treasure. The Ogre seeks to repel these home invaders and save its goods through magic and sword-play.

Ogre Castle is definitely BEST with four players...but it CAN be played with 3 players. Just make these adjustments...
(1) There will be two Knights and one Ogre. 
(2) The Ogre places only the gems matching the Knight colors. 
(3) Give the two Knights 4 armor chips each at the start of the game.
(4) Adjust the Ogre's goal to getting 4 gems of any color.
(5) The player who begins a battle draws a magic scroll card when they move away from the battle.

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