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Number Please

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$9.95 CAD

Designer Christopher Defrisco
Brett Kitani
Nick Medinger
Rick Soued
Publisher Gryphon Games
Players 1-99
Playtime 15 mins
Suggested Age 6 and up

Number Please!
 is a collection of seven different fast-paced math games that can be played by a group of any size, with the games being adjustable for players of differing ages and skill levels.

Components: five 6-sided dice, one 12-sided die, timer, instructions

The main game is Number Please - roll the five colored dice, then use them to form an equation which equals the black target die, within the allotted time limit of 60 seconds. Two of the other games, Three at Once and Mellow Yellow are variations on this theme.

The game comes with rules for four other quite different math games using these dice, which rely on other mechanics like press-your-luck, and show influences of games like Yahtzee and Bingo: 38 Special, High Roller, Nine Patch, and Five Square.

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