Notre Dame (German Import)

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Josh Tolpa
Elegant Tactics & Strategy

Card drafting, engine building, combo-firing goodness from Feld that really should be in perpetual print in all territories.

Dana Raciborski
A classic Feld's game.

German version, moot point, 100 percent Icon driven, no card text, download the English PDF.Because of the way the three decks are used it helps keep the randomness of the cards under control, you have a good idea on what cards are coming up. This is a game of having to manage, watch 3 decks of cards, a sudo card counting, plus a board. It is basically a 3 card draft game. It is simply, sweet, elegant, a simply use of role cards to help you get influence in the districts around and in Notre Dame itself. There is a sub game of using a carriage to move about the board and collecting; there is a negative rat issue. Your problem is trying to build influence; collecting gold that has no value at the end of the game, is used to hire, well it's really a bribe, one helper per round or to try to buy influence at Notre Dame itself, for victory points. The problem is you must control the rat population in your district or you lose influence, points. That rat problem is the issue that will keep you focused on keeping track of what cards are still available in those decks. Only negative with the game, there is one of those Big Box expansions that has a card expansion for the game, it allows you to substitute out cards in the original game. The expansion is long OOP, or unavailable in the US, pricey for what it is if you are only interested in the one expansion. The game is a gem without it, but the expansion adds great value to the game.

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