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Solomon Somers
Good fun little game

Nmbr9 has such a cool design to it that I can't help but enjoy it, but it is a bit too pricy for what it is at the end of the day. Fun enough but you aren't going to be breaking it out all the time. The nice upside is how short and easy to learn it is, so sometimes it comes out as just something fun to do

Christie Cryderman

Polyominoe players rejoice. This game is enjoyable and, because of the numbers, you can pass it off as “gameschooling”. The box is oversized for the components, but the insert is solid.

Leandra Papa
Great for all levels of gamers

Fun game for those who enjoy heavier games to those who are new to the board game world. Great family game, highly recommend!

Nathan Beadle
Unique and tricky stacking game

This is a fun game that I've enjoyed playing but unfortunately feel it is an overpriced game, which is sad as this deserves to be in so many more homes than it is. Having to stack as high as you can without there being any part of a tile over an empty spot or hanging over the edge is tricky. I find that everyone using the same number tile can lead to people just copying each other, but for those that intentionally don't look at other player's layouts then there can be some good fun. Would be five stars if not for the price.

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