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Geoff W.
Wonderful Art Style and Humour Offset by Possible Long Play Sessions

Munchkin is a lot of fun, especially if you take the time to read the cards and admire the characters, monsters, etc. They can be very funny and well drawn. However, once someone gets close to winning, the pile-on that results can make the game drag on, and it either gets predictable or too mean. However, it is still a decent pick for new players, and brings a few laughs along for the ride.

Zain Abid

Decently fun game, fighting monsters, leveling up, helping your opponents only when it benefits you or you can ruin their day and level up their monsters so that they lose the fight. It's a pretty fun game.

Neil Nicholson


Laith Alwani

Great game, I love the little RPG elements in it but this game can really collage up towards then and you can be stuck on level 9 for an almost an hour

Tyler McLeod

Do you hate your friends? Do you want to hate your friends or have your friends hate you? Than this game is for you! Joking aside, we have had a lot of really good plays of Munchkin, but you need to have the right group for it, as teaming up naturally happens when an early or definite winner starts to emerge. The munchkin theme is always a win, but for the fact that you need the right group to play this, I have dropped it 1 star.

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