Mice and Mystics

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Justin Thurn
Frustration in a Box!

We wanted to like this game. It wouldn't let us. The writing -- both rules and story -- is so poor, and the mechanics so unbalanced that I was constantly playing Game Master to smooth things out for players. Some games are charming enough or clever enough to create a veneer of something worth going back to. Mice and Mystics tries so hard and muddles it all so well.

Brad Hakes
Wonderful story and game

Done as a bedtime story. Beautiful minis and fun simple gameplay, the objectives can be a challenge though. Jerry Hawthorne created a brilliant world.

Jamie Joss
Good for kids

This game works because of the adventure aspect of the game. The game play isn't all that engaging to me. I find the game rather repetitive. The only reason I played was my son enjoyed it. We didn't finish the campaign and I don't think we ever will.

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