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Meeple Realty - Rising Sun Castle

In Stock

$159.95 CAD

Compatible with:

  • Rising Sun
  • Rising Sun: Daimyo Box
  • Rising Sun: Kami Unbound
  • Rising Sun: Monster Pack
  • Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion



  • This product requires the base game box and the Daimyo box for storage.
  • Rising Sun Castle (insert for base game) holds all components from base game including all upgraded components from Kickstarter inside base game box.
  • Daimyo Stronghold (insert for expansion) holds all components from Rising Sun expansions (Daimyo, Kami Unbound, Monster Pack and Dynasty Invasion) inside Daimyo box.



  • Fits the base game and all expansions currently available, including all Kickstarter exclusives.  
    • Purchase of both (Rising Sun Castle and Daimyo Stronghold) are required to hold the base game and all expansions – including all Kickstarter upgraded components.
  • Designed for faster setup.
  • Unique designed trays for player trays and monster trays.
  • Individual trays for each of the clans for faster setup.
  • Custom designed logo for each of the clans.
  • Labels and logos on trays to help with putting the game components and miniatures back into the insert.
  • Self-contained insert design:
    • All of the components needed to play the base game are stored in the base game.
    • Any additional components from Kickstarter and the expansions are stored in the Daimyo box.
  • The insert for Daimyo is designed so that each of the expansions is stored in separate trays, allowing the flexibility to choose which expansions to play while leaving the unused expansions in the box.
  • This is a 3rd party non-licensed product and all trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners
  • Like all of our inserts, this is designed so that the game lid closes completely and the game can be stored on its side using our insert. The components will not shift. This insert WILL hold sleeved cards. We use Fantasy Flight sleeves.

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