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Meeple Realty - Caledonia Settlement (Compatible with Clans of Caledonia) (Includes Plexiglass Overlay) (For First Edition of the game)

$50.95 CAD

$50.95 CAD

Note: This is the wooden insert and a set of plexiglass overlay.

This insert is compatible with the following games:

Clans of Caledonia TM

Wooden Insert Features:

  • Individual player trays
  • A tray with removable lid and wall that holds resources and titles for easier setup and game play.

Plexiglass Overlay Features:

  • Each set comes with four overlay pieces for each player board
  • If you store the overlays in the game box, there will be a lid lift in this insert

Like all our inserts, Caledonia Settlement is designed to be stored vertically in the game box with no lid lift. (With this insert, the overlays need to be store outside of the box if you do not want a lid lift.)

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