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Boris Caro
Great minitaures, good for kids

Miniatures are obviously the highlight of this game. If you have the skills to paint them, they will become even more gorgeous to look at. The gameplay is quite simple, but the villains introduce some variability. You will probably want to add expansions as the novelty wears off. Nothing to burn your brain, but just pure family fun.

Blaine Bohun
Great game for kids and Marvel loving adults

If you like Marvel and you like playing board games with your family then this is a great game to get. You may worry about missing out on Kickstarter exclusives but unless you play this game daily there is no need to worry about all of that. Just enjoy the casual nature of this game and have fun!

Jordan Lahn
Light Family Entertainment

This game is perfect for what it is: a light co-op experience with interesting villain puzzles to solve. It really shines though once you track down some of the Kickstarter expansions and stretch goals. The vast number of characters and villains let's you play out just about any scenario you can imagine.

Peter Ferguson
A great game for marvel fans young and old

This game is a light, family weight game that works well for casual gamers and young children.

A cooperative game play where you and the other players face off against one of three Marvel villains. Red Skull, Ultron, or Task Master. Each villain plays slightly differently, and each game you place 6 (out of 8) random locations which gives variety to each game.

Players play cards to do their actions and following heroes can do the past actions plus their own actions. You can also scale up the difficulty by removing certain cards from the heroes decks.

It's a fun and engaging game that takes about 45-60 minutes to play. The miniatures are nice big chibi style and are great for those who wish to try their hand at painting them (there are multiple youtube videos on different ways to do this.)

The only problem with this game is that with 3 villains the game can start to feel a bit "samey" or redundant over time. There are expansions for this game that came out from the first kickstarter, but most of those are only available on the secondary market. You may be able to find the "Spider-verse" set online.

There is also a second "Marvel United: X-men" set that can be used to mix and match with this set.

The cards have limited text on some of them, so this game could easily be played with someone as young as 6 with an adult or older sibling to help with the villain turns. However I still find this fun to play with adults as well.

The Marvel United: X-men kickstarter was CMON's most successful kickstarter to date. So that should be an indicator of how much people enjoy this game.

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