Marrying Mr. Darcy

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Bradley Martin
Cute, fun game.

I have never read or seen any Austen works, but my wife got a good chuckle and fun from this game. Given the theme it seems to be a hoot.

Madonna Davis
A Jane Austen fan must!

Pick your heroine, grow your character through events that take place in the book and try to attract the marriage proposal that best suits your heroine... or not! Mr. Darcy surprise proposal!?! Forgot you Mr. Collins, I'm going for the boy on the box!

While a Jane Austen fan will know the characters, the events, and get the most pleasure out of the game, I had a lot of friends (both male and female) who played this game that didn't. We had the most fun just roleplaying, calling each other sisters and shouting 'PARTY CARD' while trying to be ladylike. You'll have the most fun just throwing yourself into the character you play, just like a lot of games. A 5 star for Austin fans like myself, this random adventure card game taking place in Jane Austin's time will likely be a 4 star to everyone else.

Nathan Beadle
Great card game for Jane Austen fans

Picked this up for my wife, who is a big Pride and Prejudice fan. Let's just say.. she enjoys this game much more than I. You pick one of the main female characters and then going through a deck of events and character traits, you try to build things up so that you have the best chance of winning the love of your male suitor. If you take away the theme elements, it's an okay game, but this is really all about having fun in the P&P world!!!

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