Marrakesh (Standard Edition)

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Jennica Mapoy
My favorite game right now BUT

I love this game so much! I like the game mechanics. It may look a little intimidating but it's actually easy to learn. But, I'm only giving it a 4star because the game components are not in the best condition. First, it was missing 1 gray keshi when I opened it. Then the green player board is not properly aligned. Also, one of the green assistant is badly cracked/chipped. I have reached out to Queen Games already but there's no reply yet. For a game that costs almost 200Cad, I did not expect these kind of damages.

As for BoardGame Bliss, I am very satisfied with their delivery. It was smooth and quick. The boardgame was packaged well. It's my first purchase with BGB, and they really delivered a great service.

Kristopher Carbone
Marrakesh Classic/Standard Edition

Great game. I originally bought the Essential Edition, which I since sold. I felt the quality cheap for the money with so many cardboard chips it was not only harder to teach but lacked a good visual representation. I quickly realized after the first play that this is a good game and deserves the better edition. Glad I got it.

In my top 5 of all time

This is by far one of my favorite games of all time!

정재 신

Marrakesh (Standard Edition)

Mike Sidwell
Magnificent Marrakesh!

This game is the perfect mid-weight euro! Love the beginning drafting phase! Really adds a fun element to the game. The turns are streamlined and player turns are quick with minimal down time. There are plenty of paths to explore so this game will provide endless replay. The game components are very good with huge dual-layered player mats and nice wooden 'keshis'. One thing that really impressed me was the 12 different 'keshi' colours are easily distiguishable! This itself is a small miracle in the board gaming world. There is a cool interaction and 'connection' among the 9 areas of each players board. This is easily my best new favorite board game and can't wait to play it again!

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