Love Letter (AEG Edition)

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Saulo Silva
Greatest filler?

This is probably the greatest filler out there. Fast, simple, fun. Everyone should have a copy in their collection!

Joshua McDonald
A LOVE LETTER to simple boardgame design

The game includes only around fifteen cards, yet thats all the cards you'd need to have fun. Simple to teach, lots of player interaction, perfect for a get together with friends. And the theme is friendly enough to draw in anyone.

Kevin Jeong
Fun little filler of time

Love Letter designed by Seiji Kanai and published by AEG is a fun little game of deception, lying, deduction and memory.In Love Letter, players are trying to win small, quick rounds by eliminating other players or keeping high numbered cards. They do this by using the effects of cards to try and hit other players. These effects are highly interactive and can range from guessing the other player's character or comparing values.Love Letter is a very fun quick game that can be played up to 4 people and plays best with 3 or 4. If you are looking to buy a game to play between other meatier games, Love Letter is definitely worth a try.

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