Leaving Earth

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Ron Rhyno
Fun math

The theme really comes through in this production. Love it but, be warned lots of math. Fun math but still math lol.

Christophe Pelletier
A math puzzle...in space!

Very well made game that really makes you feel the delicate context of the space race. Though all the calculations can potentially fry your brain!

Simulation of the Space Race

Did you enjoy high school physics? Are your heroes John Glenn and Neil deGrasse Tyson? Did you want to be an engineer and work for NASA?If yes, then this is the game for you.While you dont have to have a degree in engineering or use calculus to play this game, it will help a lot if youre a numbers person and not afraid of cumulative rows of multiplication.With that out of the way, the game is not as dry as dry as solving algebra. Theres the math, but theres also strategy, planning for failure, and a bit of exploration thrown in.Aesthetically, its also very well done with a throw back to the late 50s-early 60s.Ideally, Id want there to be more exploration possibilities on the various worlds, meaning more cards to pick from for each of the main locations. Although the expansion Outer Planets adds more locations, Id love to see a later expansion with more stuff to find and bring back from the near locations. (I have not bought Outer Planets yet so I dont know what those cards will reveal.) And then perhaps expansions to explore and mine passing meteorites and so onYOU WONT LOVE THIS GAME IF: math and real science bore you you like player confrontation in your games you want to shoot or destroy an enemy you prefer light thinking gamesYOU MIGHT LOVE THIS GAME IF: you love mathematical and technical problems you enjoy strategizing several steps ahead you love rocket science you enjoy realism in your games

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